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5 Reasons to Take Your Pet to The Vet Regularly

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Most of us have dreamed of owning a dog or cat at least once in our lives. There has always been something magical about being around a pet. Their playful nature, their need for constant companionship, and the way they shower us with love and attention in their own little ways make pets an endearing part of life.

What a lot of people are not aware of is that though most animals are hardy, including household pets such as dogs and cats, they also need tender loving care. Whether this is your first time to be a fur parent or you’ve been taking care of animals your whole life, taking your pet to the veterinarian should be a priority, even when your dog or cat seems to be doing well.

5 Reasons to Take Your Pet to The Vet Regularly

5 Reasons to Take Your Pet to The Vet Regularly

1. Some Infections are Preventable

Did you know that dogs and cats are prone to eye and ear infections quite often? Though these ailments aren’t as severe as they sound and may go away on their own, in some cases they can actually turn into something more serious.

For example, dogs can experience cherry-eye inflammation that when left untreated can render the canine blind.

As for cats, we all know how playful they can be. Their idea of playtime involves a lot of scratching and climbing, sometimes causing eye injuries. If this is left untreated, their eyes could heal shut.

Ticks and fleas are also a cause for concern for any pet owner. Whenever you take your pet to the park or to any public area, they can easily be home to these parasites. Their ears and nose can be laden with ticks and fleas, causing great discomfort. You may attempt to get rid of these yourself, but some home remedies might actually be fatal to your pet.

Visiting the veterinarian and letting them handle the situation with the right kind of medical care is always the smartest thing to do.

2. Allergies Hit Pets Differently

For humans, allergies are a nuance. Most of us deal with it by using a simple antihistamine medicine, or if it isn’t too severe we simply leave it alone.

Unfortunately for our pets, allergies can be lethal as their immune system is wired differently than ours and they age much faster than we do. This makes their bodies react to allergies on a whole new different level.

One of the initial effects of an allergic attack is an open wound. If you see one on your pet, it should warrant a visit to the visit, pronto! Wounds can become infectious when left alone.

A tick infection can easily be detected if you pay close attention to your pet. When you see them scratching a lot, it’s time to take your pet to the vet clinic.

5 Reasons to Take Your Pet to The Vet Regularly

3. Bladder Infections are Common in Pets

Bladder infections are pretty difficult to prevent as we have no control over a few factors, like the quality of water our pets drink, what they put in their mouths (remember that moldy tennis ball?), and how heavy in sodium their food is.

Urinary tract and bladder infections also don’t happen instantaneously; they are most likely a build-up of bacteria in your pet.

If you notice that your pet is having difficulty urinating, or if their urine smells different, it’s best to have them checked. A veterinarian can easily diagnose their condition and give a round of antibiotics.

Any infection in the bladder or urinary tract can cause renal disease and eventual failure when it is left alone.

While it is virtually impossible to keep your eyes on your pets at all times, giving them their daily dose of vitamins and feeding them the best food is always the right way to go.

4. Arthritis is Common Too

By the time they reach the age of two, our pet’s metabolism changes and doesn’t process nutrients as effectively, rendering their bones undernourished. This can be a cause for alarm as weak bones can lead to arthritis.

Arthritis in pets starts off small and may go unnoticed if we aren’t observant. For example, simple tasks like sitting, walking, and changing positions can become cumbersome and difficult to do.

Arthritis can be pretty hard to bear for any pet, and the pain and discomfort they experience should be taken care of by a veterinarian. The doctor cab give you the necessary supplements and activities to help your fur baby enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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5. Diarrhea and Diets are Often Interlinked

If you’ve ever had diarrhea, then you know that it can be a dreadful experience. The same can be said about your pets when you notice that their bowel movement isn’t as firm as it usually would be.

Like humans, a pet’s reaction to certain food and liquid can lead to diarrhea. Water could be contaminated or the food might have expired.

Diarrhea is no laughing matter as it greatly dehydrates your pet and could even lead to death if the case is severe.

Heading to the vet clinic after noticing the first signs of diarrhea should help put you and your pet at ease. The veterinarian can identify the culprit and put your pet on a special diet to help them cope.

An Ounce of Prevention

According to Sugarland Vet, “Simply visiting your vet on a regular basis is all it takes to help keep our fur babies healthy and thriving. It is recommended to visit a vet every six months for regular check-ups and to head to a vet clinic when an emergency arises.”

Never attempt to treat a condition yourself. With the internet at your disposal, sometimes it’s tempting to do a quick search for home remedies but doing so might actually cause more harm than good.

A pet healthcare professional is the only person who can safely diagnose and treat your pet, and knowing your pets are in good hands always brings a sense of comfort and peace. That’s the best reason to take your pet to the vet!

Tell Me About Your Experience

Do you ever wonder if you should take your pet to the vet? Have you ever opted to treat a medical condition at home? Tell me about it in a comment below.

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